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Environmental Consultancy

Air Quality Monitoring

ASCC monitors our client's workplace condition during our Safety & Health inspection. When you are in doubtful to the Air Quality in your workplace, we can provide Air quality monitoring and suggestion to improve the condition, e.g. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test.  We are capable to provide ambient air quality monitoring as well.

Noise Assessment

In accordance to F&IU (Noise at work) regulation, ASCC can provide noise assessment by Competent Person. Moreover, our team can provide environmental noise measuring. 

Water Quality Monitoring

ASCC can assist our client to apply wastewater discharge license, setup on-site wastewater treatment facilitate, and monitor and report wastewater discharge quality.

Waste Management

When you are in doubtful on how to handle waste produced in workplace, like:

  1. Chemical wastes like chemicals, flourescent lamp etc.

  2. e-waste like computer, printer etc.

  3. clinical waste 

Waste that under control by Waste Disposal Ordinance, ASCC will advise you the correct way to handle them. 

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