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Safety & Health Consultancy Services

Safety & Health Consultancy

ASCC has a team of Safety & Health Specialist, to help you cope with daily or emergency cases:

  1. Regular Safety & Health Consultancy services, which our consultant (Registered Safety Officer) will monitor the implementation of your safety & health management systems, preventing incidents and suggesting improvements. Our clients varies from construction & engineering field to NGOs.

  2. We are well experienced in dealing with emergency cases from 

  • Accident investigation​

  • Revoke of Suspension Notice by Labour Department or other contractors, e.g. MTRC.


ASCC has a team of Registered Safety Auditors in the Labour Department, which has over 10 years of experience in various construction fields. We are conducting over 100 audits every year as stated below:

  • F&IU Audit & Review

We will monitor and notify about the schedule on auditing process, making sure it is conducted based on requirement of F&IU (Safety Management) Regulation. Our team will ​review the audit report of auditor before submission to Labour Report.

  • Contractor Internal Safety Audit & Review (E.g. MTRC)

Our Auditor has in-depth understanding in the requirements of Contractors (E.g. MTRC).

Provide / Refer Safety & other Manpower

ASCC has a wide network within industry in which we can provide Safety Manpower based on your need. We can provide

  • Secondment Registered Safety Officer, or Safety Supervisor

  • Environmental Officer (EO)

  • IMS Manager / IMS Officer

  • QA / QC Professional

Expert Witness

ASCC has been providing Expert Witness service to several OH&S court cases. We work with a team of lawyers to consult our client in independent and professional manner.

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