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ISO Systems Consultancy

ISO Systems Set Up Flow

ASCC helps you plan, create, implement and obtain the certification around with the following flow:



Document Development & Implementation


Internal Audit


Certification Audit


Receive ISO Certificate

​Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

ASCC is the specialist in helping different companies to develop their: ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental), ISO 45001 (Occupational Safety & Health) management systems. We developed a specific chain of procedures, which helps our clients to keep it simple and straight forward. Each client is followed up by a specialist to design the system based on their need.

Most of our client requested our regular consultancy service after obtaining the ISO certificates. We will assign the original Consultant to continue the project as they acknowledge the client’s best interests.

Our clients range from Construction, Property Management, Product and advertising field etc.

ISO 27001 Information security management

In this IT-oriented world, it’s important that information assets are all secure regardless of the scale of the business. ISO 27001 helps to this cause by managing all your information in a secured way, which ensures clients that their information is safe in the database.


ASCC can help you build up a secure IT systems based on requirement of ISO 27001.

ISO 22000 Food safety management

ISO 22000 help organizations identify and prevent food safety hazards. And with this certificate, your client would be more trustful on your products. ASCC can help you to organize your management system to reach the standard of ISO 22000.

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